Placeholder Amare Lipo Foam Post Surgical for Compression Garment
Machine washable reusable medical grade lipo foams tog et rid of fibrosis after lipo
How to wash lipo foams after surgery
How to use lipo foam after surgery
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Amare Lipo Foams

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You will need a minimum of 2 packs of Lipo foam if you are having any of the following surgeries:

Lipo, Lipo 360, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), Tummy Tuck.

We recommend purchasing 2 packs of the Amare Lipo Foams (6 foams) to ensure you have enough foam to cover your entire surgery area while in the garment.

Made in the USA

Use For:

  • Provides uniformed soft compression in your garment
  • Protects your skin from garment burn 
  • Helps dissolve fibrosis 
  • Fully machine washable with the Amare recommended detergent
  • Helps heal bruising and swelling  
  • Can be used under ab board for comfort

How to use: 

  • Place foam between skin and garment
  • Trim foam as needed
  • Place on areas of skin that are starting to get hard or any area you had surgery
  • Always wear foams with your garment (24/7)


The Lipo Foams are used in your garment for breaking up fibrosis, controlling swelling and keeping your lymph fluid (swelling) in a liquid state to maximize your lymphatic drainage massage sessions post-op. They also provide protection from the garment rubbing against your skin or squeezing you too tightly. Our foam does not have adhesive, so it won't damage your skin or cause sensitivity while using it. 

Amare Lipo Foams are made of Polyurethane foam. Other foams that you find on Amazon or receive from your doctor are usually made from memory foam or sponge. These types of foams collapse under the weight of your garment, press into the body trapping swelling, will wear out quickly and hold bacteria even after they’ve been washed.

Amare Lipo Foam pads have been designed to be used with the most popular compression garments/fajas. We strongly recommend using the foams with our Amare Post Op Compression Garments which were designed to fit the foams perfectly. 

Other garments that the Amare Lipo Foams work well with are: Fajas Colombianas, Phax, Salome Fajas, Diane & Geordi, Maria E Fajas, Sonryse, Laty Rose, Lowla, Funat Labs, Flexmee, Fajas Myd and Lowla + many more. 

Care Instructions

Do not use HEAT of any kind on your foams, they will shrink, and you will no longer be able to use them.

Click here to purchase the Amare recommended Medical Grade Detergent

Washing Machine and Dryer Instructions:

Use the recommended detergent in the washing machine in cold water only on the delicate setting.  Place them in the dryer on cool/ air dry and the delicate setting.

Hand Wash Instructions:

In a basin of water, add the recommended detergent to COLD water and dissolve the detergent. Add the foams and press them out like a sponge so they absorbed the detergent. Be gentle when washing. 

Lay foams out to dry.



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