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About Our Specialist

Ashley Nagrocki

LMT, CLT, MLD-C, Certified Compression Garment Fitter & Plastic Surgery Recovery Specialist

Owner and Founder of Amare Healing Arts

 Ashley is a Clinical Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Therapist, Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) therapist and Plastic Surgery Recovery Specialist, specializing in Lymphedema, Lipedema, Chronic Autoimmune Conditions and Post Surgery Recovery. She was first introduced to MLD during her internship as a medical massage therapist while working with cancer patients. She was taught Manual Lymphatic Drainage to help reduce the swelling chronic swelling in limbs and around implants caused by lymph node removal post cancer surgery.

After months of experience, she realized the great confusion around the Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment and lymphatic education in the post-op world. Ashley received extensive training at the MLD Institute, ACOLS and Norton to learn everything possible about the original European Vodder style of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and how to utilize it for the growing population actively seeking care and treatment after surgery. This led her to open Amare Healing Arts in Highland Park, NJ in 2016.

After working with over 200 post-op surgery clients in the first year, Ashley developed Amare Healing Arts Plastic Surgery Recovery Center and Holistic Clinic. As she continued to receive a wide range of plastic surgery clients from Miami to New York and other countries, Ashley refined her skills to not only provide MLD treatments but create entire system of post-op care. By utilizing all her skills as a Certified Medical Compression Garment Fitter from the top compression companies in the nation, Lymphedema Therapist, MLD Therapist, Holistic Health Counselor/Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Medical Massage Therapist, Ashley makes sure her clients have a stress free recovery with results they are thrilled about.

Her aim is to make surgery recovery as smooth and informed as possible while offering support for all questions and concerns her clients may have. She takes the time to educate her clients on proper diet during recovery, recommend resources they would need to accommodate their normal lifestyle during the recovery process, and how to protect the results they worked so hard for.

She specializes in fibrosis after plastic surgery, painful swelling that won't go away, compression garments, diet after surgery to prevent complications like fibrosis, post-op supplies, and creating customized recovery plans to navigate the phases of healing after plastic surgery. 

Ashley’s passion is seeing her clients progress during recovery. She is continuously connecting with board certified plastic surgeons and doctors to improve her practice, advance her skills, and expand her knowledge. She is always open to suggestions and advice from doctors and surgeons. Ashley is experienced in all surgeries, such as Lipo, Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty), BBL, Fat Transfer, Rhinoplasty, Facelift, Botox and Injections, Mommy Makeover, Brachioplasty, Ab Repair, Hernia Repair, Body Lifts, Breast Repair/ Implant/ Augmentation/ Lift, and many other surgeries and procedures.

Ashley developed the Holistic Clinic to utilize all her knowledge and skills with Manual Lymphatic Drainage for clients with autoimmune disease, cancer, severe edema, lymph/lip edema, concussions, joint replacements, back surgeries, infertility, post partum and other conditions that are more challenging to heal with conventional medicine alone. She creates care plans for healing and recovering the lymphatic system that compliment and support the current treatment being received by doctors such as treatments and medications to balance the body.

She has expanded her reach to help clients virtually as well as in her Highland Park and Elizabeth New Jersey offices by offering products, virtual sessions, and online courses designed to support the lymphatic system and the natural healing processes of the body during the healing process.

Her online courses are designed to teach clients the basics of healing after surgery. Educating clients on the phases of wound healing, fibrosis, compression garments, complications after plastic surgery, what to expect with swelling post-op, everything clients need to know about manual lymphatic drainage massage, how to know when their not healing properly and what to do about it.

Ashley plans to expand her online courses to help educate and support clients during their surgery recovery so they can make informed decisions during recovery and advocate for themselves. 

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