Placeholder Plastic Surgery Recovery Myths Debunked

Plastic Surgery Recovery Myths Debunked

Written by: Ashley Nagrocki, Owner and Founder of Amare Healing Arts

There’s so much information on the internet about what to expect post-surgery, and a lot of its actually incorrect. To help set the record straight, we went ahead and shared the most common post-surgery myths and why these are scientifically incorrect. Read on to learn what to actually expect post-surgery with Amare Healing Arts. 

Myth: Your Post-Op Massages Should Be Painful

This is definitely not true, post-op massages should NOT be painful! The type of massages you should be getting right after surgery are called manual lymphatic drainage massages, which consist of a gentle skin-stretching massage sequence that stimulates your lymphatic system. This helps move lymph so your body can reabsorb the swelling that happens post-surgery and then pee it out. 

These massages do not hurt, are not painful, and should actually feel really good. 

Myth: Fibrosis Always Happens After Surgery

This is a myth, fibrosis doesn't always happen after surgery. Fibrosis can happen after surgery, but it’s not something that’s part of the normal healing process.  Fibrosis is a congealed, thickened form of swelling and is a complication of swelling during your surgery recovery. 

This thick gel-like fluid hardens and becomes more like clay, which if left untreated, can become permanent, fibrous tissue.

Fibrosis can be avoided with Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, our Amare Lipo Foams, and proper post-op care.

Myth: Incision Drainage Lymphatic Massage Helps Drain Excess Fluid From the Body

This is also not true, this is a myth. You should NEVER have fluid leaving your body post-op and swelling doesn't leave the body any other way than through your urine. Which is why you need manual lymphatic drainage massage.

It’s also illegal for a massage therapist, manual lymphatic drainage massage therapist,  or anyone other than a licensed medical professional to stick you with needles, or have fluid extracted from you or pulled out your drains. Only a medical professional has the proper training and experience to do so. 

Remember, right after surgery, your tissue is still healing and is very fragile. Gentle manual lymphatic drainage massage is what you should be getting done as it helps dilate your lymph vessels to get your body to reabsorb swelling so you can then pee it out.

Myth: You Can Purchase Post-Op Recovery Garments and Other Supplies Anywhere

This is not true! You can't purchase post-op recovery garments from anywhere. You need to make sure that the type of post-op recovery garments you’re buying are the right garment for the specific surgery you had, you can get it on, close it yourself, and it doesn't cut into you. Faja is the Spanish word for girdle; not all Fajas are meant for post-surgery recovery.

You also need to make sure that the detergent you’re using isn’t store-bought will properly disinfect your garment and lipo foam without ruining the material, leaving behind chemicals or fragrance, and is medical grade made specifically for compression garments.

Store-bought detergent will wear out the material of your garment and foams and cause skin issues.

You can purchase medical-grade post-op supplies from us online if you’re looking for a trusted source.

Myth: You Should Use a Heating Pad on Your Body Post Surgery

You don’t want to use heat after surgery as heat is a vasodilator, which increases blood flow to certain areas of the body post-surgery and contributes to additional swelling. You don’t want to increase swelling during this time and heat can do that.

Myth: You Need Tight Compression Garments to Decrease Swelling

No, you don’t want your post-surgery compression garments to be too tightGarments are meant to be a soft cast for your body and tissue to heal in during surgery recovery.

Squeezing yourself into a garment or Faja to get" snatched" is not going to get rid of your swelling. It can cause complications like swelling in areas where you didn't have surgery, bruising, incision opening (wound dehiscence), fibrosis, seromas, and even necrosis.

Myth: You Should Use Rollers Post Surgery to Reduce Swelling

This is not true and you can actually do more harm to your body if you use rollers right after surgery.

It seems like every ones telling you to get a roller lipo roller but why?

Rolling does nothing to help with swelling; and although almost all the "My Journey" videos on YouTube show them using rollers for fibrosis, you can actually do more harm than good, especially if you're still swollen, numb, or in pain. Rollers can actually do more harm than good if you're using it right after surgery.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage helps reduce swelling by stimulating your lymphatic system. Rolling won’t do this and can lead to even more swelling.

To learn more about post-surgery recovery, check out our online course, which goes over everything you need to know about manual lymphatic drainage and healing post-surgery from us here at Amare Healing Arts.